Residential Property Rentals

Perigee Properties is delighted to offer extraordinary apartment rentals located in beautiful neighbourhoods across the Niagara region. Apartments will undoubtedly enrich your living experience if your desire is for low-maintenance accommodation situated closer to amenities such as transit and shopping. We have apartment rentals that will suit any lifestyle, from a busy work life to a family life; there is an apartment available for you and your family. Perigee’s apartment rentals are often steps away from shops, community centres, and public facilities.


Our apartment rentals include;

  • Studio, One-bedroom, Two-bedroom or Three-bedroom Apartments – a range of designs from modern open concept, to traditional and classic designs. We welcome your inquiry to determine if we have a unit to suit you in a location close by.


Facilities frequently supplied in our apartments;

  • An on-site management team which comprises of caretakers who are always at your service. Residents may request for a caretaker if they notice an issue in the building. A 24-hour concierge is also available to greet residents and visitors into the building.
  • May include on-site gyms: From treadmills, exercise bikes, weights, and more, our gyms provide a perfect workout spot for you in the early morning or after work, in the privacy and convenience of your building. The gym is available either via membership or as part of all residents’ privileges, depending on arrangement.
  • Laundry facilities – We strive to provide shared laundry facilities that are comprised of well-maintained washing and drying appliances. These facilities are usually open 24/7, by key entry, ensuring convenience for all residents.
  • Parking Area – Apartment rentals include parking facilities that range from open lots to covered stalls and in many, an underground parking lot, in which each resident has a designated spot. We provide a significant number of spaces for visitors – which may be available for multi-day or overnight stays by arrangement.
  • Proximity to amenities – Perigee Properties manages buildings in areas that are vibrant hubs of activity. Often family friendly, our locations were selected chosen to bring convenience to your daily needs. Retail shopping, hospitals, and local schools are generally nearby, making our developments a great selection for singles, couples and families – inquire to help us let you determine a location that suits you.
  • Security – All of our apartment rentals include keyed security systems and a variety of security measures to ensure access to building is secured for residents and the convenience of their visitors. Some properties may have a security concierge or gatehouse depending on location and building size.