Management Team

Kevin Fraser, Chief Executive Officer

Kevin Fraser is the Chief Executive Officer of Perigee Properties. As an industry professional, he has worked in the property management business for over twenty years. His passion for real estate started very yearly.

When he was sixteen years old his mom purchased the family’s first rental property. Since then, Mr. Fraser has taken his passion for the business and developed it into a successful and growing property management firm.

“I have always enjoyed the challenges that come with this industry. I am able to help people to actually see and realize their vision. As a property manager, I strive to maintain a “no place like home” approach to the properties I manage. Although attention to detail and hard work are critical, it’s the client-centered and people first approach that truly motivates me. I want the best properties for my clients – investors and tenants.”

As the CEO of Perigee Properties, Mr. Fraser is committed to maximizing client value. His years of industry experience, consulting expertise and wide-ranging knowledge of the property management business has placed him at the forefront of industry professionals.

Through Perigee Properties, Mr. Fraser has brought together a highly skilled, well-educated and experienced team of experts with a fresh view on the future of the property management industry – a vision that combines realizing a better quality of living for tenants while maximizing investor cash flow.

Mr. Fraser grew up in a small town north of Sudbury. He splits his time between his family and leading Perigee Properties.