Commercial Property Leasing

We provide commercial property rentals for various businesses. We have Commercial Lease Agreements covering all commercial property types. We provide rentals for the following businesses;

  • Retail – Our rentals are situated in prime locations that provide a flow of traffic by your store. We assist our clients in selecting a location that will optimize their success based on their requirements and budget. Our experience in retail rentals has covered categories that include apparel, foodstuffs, and home furnishings. However, we are always happy to assist new retail businesses of any category. Do not have any hesitation to contact our retail rental offices.
  • Industrial rentals– We rent this to large businesses that need storage space, require warehouses and logistics operations, and light manufacturing, among many others. Such workspaces are rented by companies who desire well-maintained locations that are well-situated close to transportation corridors, with access to highway and local surface roads
  • Office Spaces – With Perigee Properties, we deliver an excellent workspace for your specific needs. We offer private, shared or open-plan offices depending on what works best for you. The offices can be fully equipped, but there are always opportunities for full customization and additional features and service provided under contract. High tech technology is a mainstay of today’s offices, so our properties come pre-wired for service or have arrangements with providers for your technology needs. Please do not hesitate to inquire. Our rental contracts can be provided with a variety of flexible terms. Our office space rentals can provide caretakers that ensure a clean and maintained space is provided for you and your employees.